ASA FOWLER 1811-1885



ASA FOWLER 1811-1885

I research and write articles primarily about my Union County, SC ancestors.  I help many people with their family research but I do not usually devote the hours and hours it takes to write and post articles online for others.   As much as I would like to do that, I have material enough for at least a hundred or more of my own articles and not enough time to accomplish all that I wish to do.

Two weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that there was a Fowler family Bible for sale.  It would have been against all odds that this Bible was connected to my family, but my interest was peeked and I sought out the volume.

It was not a Bible ever owned my Fowlers.  It had belonged to Asa Fowler and I did not recognize any of the names nor the lineage from the family pages of births, marriages, and deaths.  Nothing about the family was familiar.

I decided to research just a little into this Asa Fowler fellow.  Much to my surprise, I was looking at a very prominent, well educated, and already well researched Fowler line!

I was fortunate enough to also obtain a first edition of The Fowler Family, written by a descendant of this family and published in 1883.

I will soon add more information about the Asa Fowler family, along with wonderful photos of the two books.

I have traced this line to present day in hopes of finding a direct male Fowler descendant willing to yDNA test.  The following is a brief descendancy chart from the earliest known ancestor to almost present day.  I have omitted the names of living descendants for privacy reasons, but would love to hear from anyone interested in pursuing genetic research into this line.


  • Philip Fowler 1590-1679 m. Mary
    • Joseph Fowler 1629-1676 m. Martha Kimball
      • Philip Fowler 1648-1715 m. Elizabeth Herrick
        • Philip Fowler 1691-1767 m. Susanna Jacob
          • Symonds Fowler 1734-1821 m. Hannah Weeks
            • Benjamin Fowler 1769-1832 m. Mehitable Ladd
              • ASA FOWLER 1811-1885 m.  Mary Dole Cilley Knox 1815–1882
                • Frank Asa Fowler 1842–1904 m. Flora Adella Johnson 1856-1881; m. Caroline A. 1876-1958
                  • Frank Asa Fowler 1881-1881
                  • Evelyn Sadie Fowler 1899–1993 m. Harold Douglas Reed 1886–
                    • James Marshall Reed 1930–2010
                    • Edward F Reed 1930– 2015
                • George Robert Fowler 1844–1897 m. Isabel Minot 1846-1909
                  • Ethel Walker Fowler 1874-1899
                  • Mary Pickering Fowler 1877-1936
                  • Josiah Minot Fowler 1880–1931 m. Martha Louise Parsons
                    • Minot Parsons Fowler 1913–1913
                    • Josiah Minot Fowler Jr. 1914–1997
                    • Jean Parsons Fowler 1916-1996 m. George Rodney Harris Jr 1918–2012
                    • Isabel Minot Fowler 1921-1984
                  • Robert Fowler 1884–1951 m. Rosalie Gretchen McIntyre 1887–1959
                    • Virginia Minot Fowler 1908–1996
                    • Robert Fowler Jr. 1915–2001 m. Grace Evelyn Kahrman 1917–1984
                      • Robert Earle Fowler 1941–2013
                    • Kenneth Walker Fowler 1918–1969
                    •  Donald Haines Fowler 1923-1983 m. Patricia Gail Smith 1923-2015
                      • Douglas H. Fowler 1949–2014
                • Clara Maria Fowler 1847–1931
                • William Plumer Fowler 1850–1918 m. Susan Farnham Smith 1886–1928
                  • William Plumer Fowler 1900–1993 m. Ellen Sprague 1902–
                    • Clara Fowler 1929–
                    • Richard Fowler 1931–2013
                  • Katherine Stevens Fowler 1902-1997 m. James Watson Lunn b.1894;  m. Marland Prott Billings 1902–1996
                    • Elizabeth Farnham Billings 1940–1990
                  •  Philip Fowler 1906–1978 m. Madeline Bittmann 1912–2005
                • Edward Cilley Fowler 1853–1913 m. Sarah A Watson 1855–1941
                  • Mary Josephine Fowler 1887–1960 m. Thomas Francis Haley 1885–1963
                    • Herbert Francis Haley 1901–1935
                    • Edward Fowler Haley 1908–1982
                  • Sadie Fowler 1888–1888



The Whitlock Massacre of 1870 and The Fowler Family of Union County, SC

The story of the Whitlock Family Massacre has a sad and tragic ending.  Much has already been written of this horrendous event, but little mention has been made of the Union County, SC Fowler family involved.  I will go back in time to the beginning, to the circumstances that led to the demise of an entire family.

Henry Ellis Fowler 1746-1808 was the father of Godfrey Fowler, who was the father of  a son, Milligan Fowler, born 1804.

Milligan Fowler was an investor in railroads and a prosperous planter who owned 1500 acres in Jonesville, SC.  He was also a life long bachelor.

Milligan had an out of wedlock son with Frances Haile b. 1795, daughter of John Haile 1734-1807 and wife Ruth Mitchell 1746-1840.  This son was Felix Cornelious Haile, born in 1829 in Union County, SC.

felix haile

Felix C. Haile

John Haile and Ruth had a son named John Haile 1781-1826 who married Rachel.  The younger John Haile and wife Rachel had son Isaac Sampson Haile 1818-1892.

Isaac Sampson Haile married Sarah Ann Garner 1826-1906 in Union County, SC in the mid 1840s.

Isaac Haile

Isaac Sampson Haile and Sarah Ann Garner

Back for a moment to Henry Ellis Fowler…… John Fowler “the Hatter” d. 1832 was more than likely the son of Henry Ellis Fowler.  This assumption has not yet been proven by DNA testing but paper trails seem to indicate truth in the statement.  Milligan Fowler was a witness to the Last Will and Testament of John Fowler, Hatter.

John Fowler, Hatter was the father of Delila Fowler 1793-before 1832 who married William Whitlock 1789-1867.  Delila and William had several children before her early death .  The oldest of these children was son Frances Marion Whitlock 1824-1870.

It is a tangle of genetics to be sure, but bottom line……

  • Francis Marion Whitlock and Felix Haile were 2nd cousins, descended from  Henry Ellis Fowler
  • Felix Haile and Isaac Sampson Haile were 1st cousins, descended from John Haile


In 1850, Isaac Sampson Haile lived in Union County, SC with his wife Sarah, and their two children.

In 1850, Francis Marion Whitlock and Felix Haile lived in nearby Chester County, SC in the household with 27 year old G.W.D. Chalk.  (George Washington David Chalk 1823-1855).  All three men were mechanics.

Far away, and seemingly unrelated, in Van Buren, Arkansas, nine year old Pruda Bolt lived with her widowed father William Bolt (1819-1882).

In 1853, Isaac Sampson Haile, his wife anc two children, packed up and headed west to the great state of Texas.  Alexander “Bud” Haile, the third child of Issac Sampson Haile and Sarah was born in 1856 in Texas.

A tribe of peaceful Tonkawa Indians occupied central Texas.  They were a band of hunter-gatherers and made no trouble for the first white German pioneers led by John O. Meusebach who settled in 1847 into what would later be known as Llano County, Texas.

Fierce tribes of Comanche Indians had moved into the region during the 18th century.  Once the area became inhabited with white settlers, the Comanches began raids upon the families, stealing horses and cattle; taking as many possessions as they could carry away on horseback.

Llano County, Texas was established in 1856.  The town of Llano was little more than a frontier trading center.  Unfortunate for the Isaac Sampson Haile family, they chose to settle in the very remote area of Texas near the Fort Mason Crossing on the Colorado River in soon to be named Llano County.  This was right in the middle of Comanche tribe territory.

Isaac Sampson Haile was a cabinet maker by trade.  The scarcely populated landscape offered him little opportunity to use his cabinet making skills and he turned to farming and raising stock to provide for his growing family.

Felix Haile had an out of wedlock daughter, Clementine Haile, with his cousin Lucinda Fowler in 1861 in Union County, SC..  I do not know if this responsibility was the reason he made the decision to move west, but both he and his cousin Francis Marion Whitlock had moved to Llano County, Texas in time to be counted in the 1860 census with the Isaac Sampson Haile family.

The Isaac Sampson Haile family was one of only 217 households in Llano County, Texas in 1860.  The entire county population was only 1001 souls.  There were 89 farms, one of which belonged to Isaac Haile.  In 1860, Isaac lived with his wife Sarah, their four children, Felix Haile and Francis Marion Whitlock, the latter two men listed as stock raisers on the census record.

In 1860, in Llano County, Texas, there was a young couple also newly arrived.  Pruda Bolt from Van Buren, Arkansas was now a married woman.  Her husband was W.W. Garner (possibly William Walter Garner) and he was a stock raiser in Llano County.

W.W. Garner and Pruda had a son, Thomas Samuel Garner born in Texas in 1864.  W.W. Garner died or deserted his family before 1867.  Pruda Bolt Garner had married Felix Haile by this year, and their first child was born in 1868 in Texas.

There is no census record for the Felix Haile family in 1870, but they must have remained in Texas until after January 1873 when their son Creed Haile was born.  The next son, John Gary Haile was born in South Carolina in 1877, and more children followed after their return to Carolina.

The August 1870 census for the Colorado River community in Llano County, Texas did include the Isaac Sampson Haile family.  There were several children in the household, and of special note, there was daughter Cede Haile, twelve years old.

Francis Marion Whitlock occupied the home next door to the Haile household. Forty five year old Francis Marion had a young, Kentucky bred wife, Susan, only twenty one years of age.  The couple had four children:

  • William age 4
  • Sarah age 2
  • Mary age 1
  • Franklin age 3 months

I have studied several accounts of the events that took place on December 7, 1870.  I have noticed that there are slight variations in each of the reports.

Although she neglected to mention that the Indian attack on the Whitlock family was probably instigated by her father when he shot and killed an Indian the day before, the story that I believe to be most accurate was told by Cede Poole Haile Farris, daughter of Isaac Sampson Haile and wife of William Jasper FarrisCede was 12 years old on that tragic day of the massacre.  Her story below:


Mrs. W. J. Faris, 78, of Llano, vividly recalls the massacre of the Whitlock family in Llano County in 1870, the major Indian crime of early days in that section. She was a neighbor of the Whitlock family when a girl.

“I spent the Saturday night before the family was killed at the Whitlock home,” Mrs. Faris says. “We often went there and spent two or three days. Mr. Whitlock was plowing near the house when the Indians came and we suppose they killed him first. They set fire to the house and Mrs. Whitlock’s body was found in the ruins, but it never was known whether the Indians killed her or she burned to death. One baby was found in the yard. It looked as though they had pitched her out of the door because her head struck a rock and killed her.

“The other baby was found at the barn where the Indians had killed her with a stone. A 6-year-old girl was carried half a mile away and killed with a lance, the weapon being left in her body. The fourth child, a boy, was in the field with his father and the Indians carried him away. He never was returned, but I heard he was in Arizona a few years ago.

“Men living nearby saw the fire but reached the Whitlock place too late to save the family. They found the babies that night, and next morning discovered Whitlock’s body in the field where hogs had mutilated it. The body of the older girl was brought in and placed in a crib with the two younger children. Her hair was plaited and the Indians had jerked one off and placed it across her chest.”

Mrs. Faris says her father was in Llano that day, “and when he didn’t come home we were afraid he was captured or killed by the Indians. Later, he said the Indians crossed the road near him while he was returning. He became frightened and spent the night with friends.”

About midnight, she says, the men who had been at the Whitlock’s reached her home, expecting to find another massacre. Hunting parties went out from Llano in pursuit of the Indians, but, although the Whitlock home was on the main road between Llano and Burnet, the redskins escaped unharmed. with the Whitlock boy.

The Indians were believed to be the same band that killed a colored girl in a cotton field in the Yett settlement near Marble Falls the previous day, then crossed the Colorado river and killed a colored man, she says. From there they went to the Whitlock home on the east side of Long Mountain.

Mrs. Faris is the daughter of the late Isaac Sampson Haile, who settled in the Long Mountain community in 1853. The Whitlocks came to the Llano county with Haile from South Carolina. Her father ranched in Mason county and Mrs. Faris recalls that in his frequent absences driving cattle, her brother sat on the split-rail fence and watched for Indians while she milked.

credit: J. Marvin Humter’s Frontier Times Magazine, January, 1937]


Another article found on Find A Grave:

Long Mountain was once a settled region to the northeast of Hoover’s Valley in far western Burnet County. It was never a well known settlement, only having a small schoolhouse. However, in early December 1870, the community’s name would become well known throughout all of Burnet and Llano Counties as well as all of Central Texas.

At the time, the region on the north side of the Colorado River (present day northern Kingsland) was often referred to as No Man’s Land. Though there had been a military presence in the area since the late 1840s, tribes of Comanche Indians would often make raids upon the settlements on the south side of the river. Though these raids rarely resulted in the loss of life, numerous herds of cattle would be stolen and then taken across the river. Having lost several cows because of these raids, a resident of Hoover’s Valley decided that he would make a one man ambush against the Comanches as soon as they were crossing the Colorado near the Fort Crogan to Fort Mason military trail. His ambush would have harsh consequences.

Late one night, the rancher waited with his loaded musket near the crossing. When the Comanches began to wade onto the shoreline, he quickly took a shot at them. His volley killed one of the leading members of the tribe, who some have claimed was likely the chief, and not wasting anytime; the rancher fled the crossing and made it safely back to his homestead where he was finally able to get a good night’s sleep, feeling somewhat accomplished in his mission.

Early the next morning, residents awoke to see a towering pillar of black smoke rising high into the air. Upon investigation, they made a gruesome discovery. The source of the smoke cloud were the charred remains of the Marion Whitlock home, recently just having been set afire. Around the home, the farmers of Long Mountain uncovered the scalped body of Marion Whitlock, the lanced through corpse of his seven year old daughter, the remains of the family’s infant whose skull had been bashed against a tree, the family’s second youngest boy with arrows inside his little body, and inside the cabin they found the smoldered bones of Mrs. Whitlock who had been burned alive inside the house. It later became known that only one member of the Whitlock family had survived, a young boy, but he had been kidnapped and taken across the river.

Feeling responsible for the sudden attack, the rancher who had ambushed the Comanches as they were crossing the river the night before, gathered the remains of the family and paid to have them buried at the cemetery at Hoover’s Valley in a common grave where they rest today. Patrols of soldiers and Rangers were sent out to track down the kidnapped child, as well as the captors, but nothing ever resulted from their searchs. The Long Mountain Massacre of 1870 is still a well known tale today of the Llano and Burnet areas of Central Texas. It shows just how rough, deadly, and savage life was in the days of the Old West and Indian Wars.

{Sources Used
Jackson, Muriel et. all, Families of Early Kingsland, Texas and Nearby Communities in Llano and
Burnet Counties. Kingsland Genealogical Society, Kingsland, TX. 1998.}

After The Massacre 

Isaac Sampson Haile laid to rest the Francis Marion Whitlock family in a mass grave in Hoover’s Valley near their homestead.  William Whitlock, four years of age when captured by the Comanches, was never ransomed and lived his entire life with the tribe.

FM Whitlock

Headstone of the Francis Marion Whitlock Family


Isaac and his family remained in Texas although it appears that they relocated from the 400 acre farm in Llano County into Burnet County shortly after the massacre.

There are ample property tax records proving ownership of Haile land in both counties.  After the death of Isaac Sampson Haile in 1892, Mrs. Sarah Haile continued paying the tax debt and lived her remaining years in Burnet County, Texas.

Sarah Ann Garner Haile was severely burned in 1906 when her clothing caught fire.  She lived 20 days before succumbing to her injuries on January 23, 1906 in Hoover’s Valley, Burnet County, Texas.  She was 79 years old.

Felix Haile’s father, Milligan Fowler, died in Union County, SC in 1871.  Milligan was buried on his land, the first grave in what would later be called the Haile/Webber Cemetery.

Felix returned to South Carolina and inherited the bulk of his father’s estate.  It is a little confusing as to the exact date of his arrival into Union County.  His son Creed Haile was born in Texas in January of 1873.  His second out of wedlock child with his cousin Lucinda Fowler was born circa 1873 in Union County, SC; this time a son, William Jackson Haile.

Felix Haile died in 1884 and was laid to rest near his father in the family cemetery.  Pruda Bolt Garner Haile died in 1891 and was buried next to Felix.  The graveyard is the final resting place of many of the Milligan Fowler descendants through his son Felix Haile.

Often in my research, things seem to come full circle.  As an ending to this piece, I would like to add that Pruda Bolt’s son, Thomas Samuel Garner, married Alpha Ethel Fowler 1868-1929.  Alpha was the daughter of Walter Gaines Fowler 1828-1870, son of Mark Fowler 1780-1853, son of Henry Ellis Fowler 1746-1808.  Thomas Samuel Garner and Alpha Fowler had ten children, five whom lived to adulthood, and five who died as infants and were buried in the Milligan Fowler family graveyard, now known as the Haile/Webber Cemetery.




ELLIS FOWLER 1770-after 1850, son of Henry Ellis Fowler

ELLIS FOWLER is without a doubt, the most overlooked and misunderstood son of Henry Ellis Fowler.  The reasons for this are abundant and clear:

  • extensive use of the name Ellis within this Fowler family
  • undocumented research
  • inaccurate family research published in two or more volumes
  • widespread family trees containing misinformation
  • lack of deeds recorded in the courthouse
  • he left no Last Will and Testament

Born in Virginia circa 1770, Ellis Fowler was the second son of Henry Ellis and Catherine Puckett Fowler.   He married Mary, born in Virginia circa 1780.  It is speculation on my part that he moved into Union County, SC with his father in the 1780’s prior to his marriage to Mary.

Ellis Fowler was enumerated in the 1800 Union County census, along with his young wife, two sons and two daughters all under the age of ten.  It is perhaps safe to say that he and Mary married after 1790 and began their family soon afterward.

The census taker evidently missed the Ellis Fowler family in 1810, as my lengthy searches have uncovered no records so far.  It is a regrettable omission; the decade between 1800 and 1810 may have revealed a better understanding of the number of children born to Mary and Ellis.

The 1820 Union County census confirmed that there had been an abundance of births during the missing decade in the Ellis Fowler household.  There were no less than fifteen persons counted in the home that year.  Mary’s advanced age of 40 leads me to believe that not all of the eight children under the age of ten were born to her and Ellis.  There were two females, aged 16 – 25,  who perhaps had given birth to some of the younger children.  Some of these children under the age of ten, in my opinion, were the grandchildren of Ellis and Mary.  Of special note… of the males under age ten was Ellis Fowler born 1810, son of Ellis and Mary.  He was sometimes referred to as Ellis Fowler, Jr. in legal documents.

The Ellis Fowler household was considerably smaller in 1830.  There were only five persons counted in the census record that year. Sixty year old Ellis shared the home with four teens – two females and two males. Conspicuously missing from the home was Mary Fowler, wife of Ellis.

Ellis Fowler, Jr. had married and moved out of his father’s household.  In 1830,  Ellis Fowler, Jr. was head of his own household  which included a young wife, two children under the age of five, and a woman aged 40 to 49.  I have no doubt that the older woman was Mary Fowler who had temporarily moved in with her son and daughter in law to help out with her very young grandchildren.

Mary Fowler had returned to the household of her husband Ellis Fowler by 1840.  There were seven persons in the home including a male under the age of five.  It is difficult to determine the identities of the occupants whom I believe to be both children and grandchildren of Ellis and Mary.

The Union County census of 1850 firmly established that Ellis and Mary were an eldery couple, Ellis at eighty years of age, and Mary, seventy.  Their daughter Winnifred Worthy, widow of James Worthy, lived in the home of her parents with her children Mary, Julia, and James Worthy.  There was also  eleven year old William Worthy in the household, maybe a son of Winnifred, but possibly the son of Winnifred’s sister Fanny who had married William Worthy.

Ellis Fowler had been given a tract of land on which he lived when his father Henry Ellis Fowler’s will was probated in 1808.  I believe this land was part of the land granted to Henry Ellis Fowler in the Kelly-Pinckney area of Union County.  It is probable that Ellis Fowler had moved near the Pacolet River by 1850.  Most of his offspring that I have been able to trace settled near Pacolet, SC and between Jonesville and Gaffney in Cherokee County, SC.

Ellis Fowler and wife Mary were deemed paupers in the 1850 census.  Unlike his older brother Ephraim Fowler who owned numerous tracts of land and is well documented in court house records, there is very little to find regarding Ellis.  The records are almost nonexistent.

The 1850 census record was the last time Ellis Fowler was documented.  His advanced age of eighty in 1850 and his absence in the 1860 census lead me to say with certainty that Ellis died between the years 1850 to 1860.  Where he may be laid to rest, I do not know.

What follows is documentation of Ellis Fowler, son of Henry Ellis Fowler:

While it is unfortunate that Ellis Fowler is often overlooked by amateur genealogists, he was clearly mentioned in his father’s will of 1808………….

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.16.07 AM

Ellis Fowler and wife Mary had several children.  Although the exact number is unknown to me, it is certain that they had the following:

  • Ellis Fowler, Jr. b. 1810 married Sarah Clark
  • Nancy Fowler b.1815
  • Winnifred Fowler b. 1822 married James Worthy
  • Fanny Fowler b. 1825 married William Worthy


1800 Union County, SC Census:  Ellis was listed in the age bracket of 26-44.  If the estimated date of his birth of 1770 is correct, this would put him at 30 years of age in 1800.  His wife Mary is listed as 16 to 25, also supporting her birth year of 1780.  Ellis and Mary had 2 sons and 2 daughters under the age of 10.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.22.27 AM

  • ELLIS FOWLER 26-44 
  • MARY FOWLER 16-25
  • MALE < 10
  • MALE < 10
  • FEMALE < 10
  • FEMALE < 10

1820 Union County, SC Census:  Although missing from 1810 census records, Ellis and wife Mary appeared again in 1820 with a greatly enlarged household, which probably included more of their own children as well as grandchildren.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.25.42 AM

  • MARY FOWLER 26-44
  • 1 MALE 16-25
  • 2 (OR 4) MALES < 10
  • 2 FEMALES 16-26
  • 2 FEMALES 10-15
  • 4 FEMALES < 10

1830 Union County, SC Census:  I believe that Ellis would have been in the 50-59 age bracket in 1830.  His wife Mary was missing from the household, and may have been living with her son Ellis, Jr. helping him with the two children under the age of 5 in his household.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.27.00 AM

  • ELLIS FOWLER 60-69
  • 1 MALE 16-19
  • 1 MALE 10-15
  • 1 FEMALE 16-19
  • 1 FEMALE 10-15

1840 Union County, SC Census:  Ellis and wife Mary were now living with a greatly reduced household of only 3 males.  The two older males may have been sons, but the male under 5 would have probably been a grandson.  Note that Ellis was recorded as Ellis Fowler, Sr.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.27.53 AM

  • ELLIS FOWLER 60-69
  • MARY FOWLER 60-69
  • 1 MALE 20-29
  • 1 MALE 16-19
  • 1 MALE < 5
  • 1 FEMALE 30-39
  • 1 FEMALE 10-15

1850 Union County, SC Census:  Ellis and wife Mary were living with their daughter Winnifred Fowler Worthy and her children. Winnifred was the widow of James Worthy.  The William Worthy in this record may not have been the son of Winnifred.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.28.30 AM


As noted near the beginning of this article, Ellis and Mary did not leave wills, nor can I find any estate settlement for them.  They were listed as “paupers” on the 1850 census, and perhaps had little to leave their offspring.

Without a doubt, Ellis and Mary Fowler had more children than I have been able to document.  My research into this family line continues with hopes of discovering more information.  In the meantime, I give to you the known and documented descendants of Mary and Ellis Fowler, son of Henry Ellis Fowler………

HENRY ELLIS FOWLER 1746-1808 m. Catherine Puckett

  • Ellis Fowler 1770- after 1850 m. Mary LNU 1780– after 1850
    • Ellis Fowler 1810–1880 m. Sarah “Sallie” Clark 1825–1880
      • Elizabeth Augilar Fowler 1841–1924 m. Robert Henry Petty Sr 1828–1892
        • Thomas M. Petty 1857–1917 m. Elizabeth  Thompson 1864–1914
          • Ella Florence Petty 1883–1966 m. Charles Herald b. 1879;  m. John R Petty 1885–
            • Lizzie Elizabeth Petty 1907–
            • James Petty 1914–1942
            • Landy Sizemore Petty 1922–1975
          • John Thomas Petty 1889–1958 m. Sallie Texana Jennings 1892–1915; m. Lockie Penley
            • Albert Mayfield Petty 1912–1967 m. Annie Izora Fisher 1916–2005
              • Joe Medwick Petty 1937–1993
              • William Albert Petty 1942–2009
          • Claude Monroe Petty 1893-1932
          • Landan Sizemore “Landy” Petty 1895–1970
          • Lawrence P. Petty 1902–1918
        • Jessie Davis Petty 1861–1913
        • Edna Parmella “Ella” Petty 1864–1935
        • Robert Henry Petty Jr 1866–1941
        • John Lawson Petty 1869–1948
        • Margaret Petty 1870–1955
        • Junius Colombus Petty 1873–
        • James Alexander Petty 1878–1957
        • Samuel Petty 1883–1904
      • Martha Fowler 1844–
      • Julia Fowler 1847–
      • Jesse Fowler 1849–
      • Nancy “Nannie” P. Fowler 1854–1939 m. John Worthy Eison 1849–1913
        • Sallie Hester Eison 1878–1949
        • Esther Eison 1887–1967 
        • John Edward Eison 1895–1921 m. Lola Ethel Lavender 1895–1986
          • Elsie Melvinia Lavender 1914–2002
          • Crawford Coyle Lavender 1918–1995
        • Nannie Eison 1896–
        • Harry Eison 1900–
      • Thomas Fowler 1859–
      • Sarah Purchase Fowler 1860–1933 m. John Andrew Johns 1848–1926
        • Steadman William Fowler 1882-1930 m. Nannie Phillips  1883–1944
          • Beulah Fowler 1903–
          • Buford Paul Fowler 1906–1975 m. Ruby Satterfield 1909–1996
            • Peggy Jean Fowler 1928–1999
            • Carl Hewitt Fowler Sr 1934–2012
            • Delores Fowler 1937–2010 m. Troy Roe
            • Cheryl Jane Fowler 1943–2009 m. Lawson
          • Cecil Fowler 1909–
          • Ruth Fowler 1913–1995
          • Gladys Fowler 1916–
          • Warren Fowler 1918–
        • Nellie Fowler 1890-
        • John Grover Fowler 1890-1952 m. Pearl Thomas 1887-1948; m. Margaret Clippard
        • Fred Mark Fowler 1895–1956 m. Bessie Norris 1901–1990
          • Louise Cornelia Fowler 1921–1981 m. Furman F Tomberlin 1922–2009
          • Sarah M Fowler 1923–2012
          • Marie Fowler 1925– m. James Muriel McCormick 1926–2000
          • Fred Mark Fowler Jr. 1929– m. Marie Georgette Legrand
          • Betty Jean Fowler 1930–2006 m. Robert Evans Goodwin 1931–
          • Phyllis Ann Fowler 1933– m. William Edward Crump Jr 1930
          • Sylvia Grovene Fowler 1939– m. Larry Joel Graham
      • Lotty Fowler 1862-
    • Nancy Fowler 1815–1880
    • Winnifred Fowler 1822– m. James Worthy 1809–1850
      • Mary Worthy 1838–
      • William Columbus Worthy 1841–1914
      • Julia Worthy 1842–
      • James F. Worthy 1842–1921
    • Fanny Fowler 1825–1852 m. William Worthy 1813–1880
      • William Columbus Worthy 1843–
      • Mahala Rebecca Worthy 1845–1925 m. Walter Gaines Fowler 1828–1870
        • Alpha Ethel Fowler 1868–1929 m. Thomas Samuel Garner b. 1864; m. John Joab Crawford 1868–1954
          • William Hoyt Garner 1884–1957
          • Arthur Duboy Garner 1886–1963
          • Eathan Guy Garner 1888–1969
          • Grace L Garner 1890–1891
          • Hugh Garner 1893–1894
          • Walter E. Garner 1895–1896
          • Gary McKinley Garner Sr 1897–1993
          • Roy Garner 1901–
          • Thomas Garner 1903–1903
        • Bettie Fowler 1870–1894 m. Jackson
          • Jesse C. Jackson 1893-
      • Mary “Polly” Worthy 1847–
      • Nancy Elizabeth Worthy 1850–1895 m. Robert Norris Leonard 1847–1904
        • Anna Victoria Leonard 1872–1946
        • Fannie Leonard 1875–1961
        • James Hood Leonard 1878–1949
        • Robert Norris Leonard Jr 1883–1959
        • Minnie Lee Leonard 1884–1987
        • Mae Leonard 1888–1969
        • Bernice Leonard 1893–1894
        • Emma Leonard


more to come……………………


LAVINA FOWLER 1803-1877, Daughter of John Fowler “The Elder”

I also give and bequeath unto my three daughters Salley, Suky, and Vina one bed and furniture each.” Last Will and Testament of John Fowler, dated 18 February 1817.

Three daughters. Salley. Suky. Vina. Who were they? What path did they follow? Did they survive childhood, get married, have children of their own? Were they happy?

Salley was often a nickname for Sarah. Suky was sometimes short for Susannah. Vina could be Lavina or Lavinia.

Ten years. I searched for these three daughters of John Fowler and Fannie for ten years. I only knew of their existence from the one line in which they were mentioned in their father’s will.

No birth, marriage, or death records existed in South Carolina during the lifetimes of these three daughters. I had little to help me with my research.

Then fate intervened; a very fortunate message from a Fowler descendant led to a meeting and the discovery of a valuable hint.

There was a LAVINA Fowler who had been born in Union County, SC in the early 1800s who had married Augustus Wiggins.

SARAH PURCHASE FOWLER 1860-1933, daughter of Ellis Fowler and Sarah Clark

Rest, mother, rest in

Quiet sleep

While friends in sorrow

o’er thee weep

sarah purchase photo.jpg

Sarah Purchase Fowler Johns 1860-1933

When I first saw the name “Purchase” in the household of Ellis Fowler and his wife Sarah Clark Fowler, I thought the task of documenting her life would be an easy one. It was not a totally uncommon female name used in the 1800s, but it was an unusual name in the Union County Fowler families.

As I have stated before, Ellis Fowler b. 1770 has been the most difficult son of Henry Ellis Fowler to document. He left no will nor can I find any land transactions or deeds in the courthouse.

Until now, I had only been able to document three of his children: Ellis Fowler b. 1807; Nancy Fowler b. 1805, and Winnifred Fowler b. 1822.

Son Ellis Fowler b. 1807 and his wife Sarah Clark had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Augilar Fowler 1841–1924
  • Martha Fowler 1844–
  • Julia Fowler 1847–
  • Jesse Fowler 1849–
  • Nancy (Nannie) P Fowler 1854–1939
  • Thomas Fowler 1859–
  • Purchase Fowler 1860–1933
  • Lotty Fowler 1862–

Some Fowler researchers confuse Nancy P. Fowler and Purchase Fowler, thinking that they were the same daughter of Ellis and Sarah Fowler. Since both daughters were recorded on census records together, I am not sure how this confusion began. They are clearly two different children.

It was fairly easy to discover that Elizabeth Augilar Fowler had married Robert Henry Petty, and her sister Nancy P. Fowler had married John Worthy Eison. I have been able to trace both daughters and their descendants to present day.

The remaining children of Ellis Fowler and Sarah Clark seemed to have disappeared into thin air. I was more than a little surprised that I was unable to find daughters Purchase and Lotty given that these names were a little unusual.

Purchase Fowler was first recorded on a census record in 1860 as an unnamed female infant, 3 months old. Included in the household along with her parents Ellis and Sarah Fowler were sisters Elizabeth, Martha, Julia, Nancy, and a bother Thomas.

ellis fowler 1860

1860 Union County SC Census

In 1870, Purchase was still in the household with parents Ellis and Sarah Fowler, sisters Julia, Nancy, and Lotty .

ellis fowler 1870

1870 Union County SC Census

In 1880, Purchase was 20 years old, living with her parents Ellis and Sarah Fowler, sisters Nancy and Lottie. three Jefferies children who had to be the children of either Martha or Julia Fowler, and her aunt Nancy Fowler, sister of Ellis.

ellis fowler 1880

1880 Union County SC Census

I had found a census record from 1900 in Pacolet SC listing a single woman, aged 40 with 4 children: daughter Nellie, sons Steady, Grover, and Freddie. It was difficult to read the name of the woman, but the record got my attention because of the name Steady.

Godfrey Butler Fowler (1837-1906), son of Joseph Fowler, son of Godfrey Fowler, son of Henry Ellis Fowler) had named his only son Nathan Steadman Fowler (1867-1924) after the captain of his army company in the Civil War, Captain James B. Steedman.

Since that time, other Fowler boys descended from Henry Ellis Fowler had been given the name Steadman:

  • Steadman Lee Fowler 1884-1971, son of Emma Fowler, daughter of Bryant Fowler, son of Stephen Fowler, son of Ephraim Fowler, son of Henry Ellis Fowler.
  • James Steadman Fowler 1872-1952, son of Gassaway Fowler, son of Thomas Gillman Fowler, son of Godfrey Fowler, son of Henry Ellis Fowler.

Who was this Steady Fowler born in 1882? How did he relate to the Henry Ellis Fowlers, if at all? And who was this woman with the hard to read name?

purchase fowler 1900.JPG

1900 Pacolet, Spartanburg County SC Census

A little research and a lot of luck led me to a census record in Spartanburg SC in 1910. There was a woman named Sarah, aged 50 (right age for my Purchase) living with sons Grover and Fred. This family headed by Sarah Fowler lived next door to Steddy Fowler, his wife Nancy, and their three children Beulah, Buford, and Cecil. They lived on Howard Street in Spartanburg.

I knew that I was on the right trail. I began to think that Sarah was perhaps Purchase……..Sarah Purchase Fowler…….maybe.

purchase 1910 1

purchase 1910 2

1910 Spartanburg County Census

I also noted that, in 1910, there was a John A. Johns, widower, living 6 households away, on Howard Street, with two of his daughters, and two granddaughters.

john johns 1910

1910 Spartanburg County Census

I could not find Purchase Fowler, or Sarah Fowler in 1920 census records. I did find Sarah Johns in the household of Steady Fowler, his wife Nannie Fowler, and their children Beulah, Buford, Cecil, L.C, Ruth Gladys, and Warren. Was it possible that Sarah Purchase Fowler had married her widower neighbor John Johns??Although Sarah Johns was listed as the mother-in-law, I decided to take a closer look at the Johns family.

sarah johns 1920

1920 Spartanburg County SC Census

John Andrew Johns (1848-1926) was the son of Joseph Johns and Elizabeth Haney. He was born in Union County, SC, as was Purchase. It is possible that they knew each other long before they had both moved to Spartanburg, SC.

john jones photo

John Andrew Johns

John Johns married Laura Cain (last name not yet documented) circa 1870, and they were the parents of many children, mostly daughters. Laura died in 1905 and was buried at Beulah Cemetery near Neal Shoals in Union County, SC.

laura johns photo

Laura Johns, wife of John Andrew Johns

Sarah Purchase Fowler was living with her son Steady Fowler on Arch Street in Spartanburg in 1920, and she was recorded as being a widow even though John Johns was still alive and well living with his daughter Leona on nearby Howard Street.

It appears that the short lived marriage did not work out. John A, Johns died in 1926, and was laid to rest beside his first wife Laura at Beulah Cemetery in Union County.

Sarah Purchase Fowler moved to Charlotte, NC with her son Fred Fowler and his family. Through city directory records, I have been able to locate and visit the street they lived on in Charlotte. The houses were very small, and mostly built in the 1920s. Many of these houses remain, but the addresses on record for Fred Fowler and Sarah Fowler no longer exist. The homes they occupied have been torn down and replaced with a large industrial complex.

I found a death certificate for Sarah P. Fowler. She died August 28, 1933. F.M. Fowler was the informant (her son, Fred Mark Fowler).

purchase death certificate

Sarah P. Fowler

Now that I had a date of death, I began looking for a grave site. The information of the death certificate indicated that she was buried in Pacolet, SC.

I searched for Sarah Purchase Fowler, Sarah Fowler, Purchase Fowler, Sarah P. Fowler, Sarah Purchase Johns, Sarah Fowler Johns, Purchase Fowler Johns… get the idea. No luck.

I then looked in my records for the grave of her sister, Elizabeth A. Fowler Petty. Pacolet Methodist Church. A quick internet search led me to Sarah P. Fowler JONES. Right dates of birth and death……wrong last name. Close, but wrong. It was her grave.

Two hours of driving, I arrived at the cemetery. I located the grave of Sarah Purchase Fowler Johns. Johns was spelled “Johns” and not “Jones”. Right dates of birth and death……right last name too. Her grave was next to some of the children of her sister Elizabeth Fowler Petty.

That is a brief outline of Sarah Purchase Fowler’s life. Born in Union County, SC to Ellis and Sarah Clark Fowler; moved to nearby Pacolet and raised four children; married a widowed neighbor and hopefully had a few years filled with happiness; moved to Charlotte, NC with her son; died in Charlotte; and laid to rest in Pacolet, SC near some of her immediate family.

Now let us take a look at her four children and their descendants. We know from census records that Sarah Purchase Fowler had one daughter and three sons:

  1. Nellie Fowler b. 1880
  2. Steadman William Fowler 1882-1930
  3. John Grover Fowler 1890-1952
  4. Fred Mark Fowler 1895-1956

Nellie Fowler:

I have not yet been able to find much information regarding Nellie Fowler. I did locate her in a Spartanburg City Directory living with her brother Steady Fowler in 1905. She was unmarried at that time.

Steadman William Fowler:

Last year, I visited Oakwood Cemetery in Spartanburg. I was looking, of course, for Fowler graves and planned to take photographs of all that I could find. One headstone caught my eye, that of Stedia W. Fowler (1882-1930) and his wife Nannie Fowler (1883-1944). The name Stedia was so close to Steadman, I figured that he had to have been one of my Fowlers. I took a photos of the headstone and filed this newly found information in my mind.

steady fowler grave

Steadman William Fowler and Nannie Phillips Fowler

steady fowler death cert

Steadman William Fowler

It all came together when I discovered the new lead to Sarah Purchase Fowler. She had given birth to son Steady around the same time as the departed soul lying in that grave at Oakwood was born. I was able to finally link Sarah’s son Steady to the automobile/train accident in 1930 that led to Stedia Fowler’s untimely death.

More research shed light on Steady’s family. He was married to Nannie Phillips, daughter of George Marion Phillips 1843-1920 and Annie Fowler 1848-1936. Annie Fowler was the daughter of Daniel Fowler and Cansandra Cook.

Daniel Fowler was the son of Israel Fowler II and wife Polly.

Israel Fowler II was the son of Israel Fowler I and wife Fannie.

Israel Fowler I was the son of John Fowler b. 1720 and Phoebe.

The Israel Fowler line moved into Union County, SC around the same time as the Henry Ellis Fowler line…..late 1700s. DNA testing has proven that these two Fowler lines did not share a common male ancestor, hence two totally different Fowler families. However, the two Fowler lines did live near each other, witnessed documents for each other, and married into each other’s families.

Stedia W. Fowler is a direct descendant of Henry Ellis Fowler. Nannie Phillips is a direct descendant of Israel Fowler. The offspring of Stedia W. Fowler and Nannie Phillips were the perfect storm of the two Fowler lines combining!!

The family from whom Cansandra Cook descends is a family that I have spent much time researching. I descend from this line through my paternal Fowler grandfather and my paternal Mabry grandmother. This Cook family intermarried in so many ways with the Fowler families.

Cansandra Cook’s first known ancestors were John Cook 1707-before 1772 and his wife Sarah Fulton 1715-1783. John and Sarah immigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania. After John’s death, Sarah and her children move to Union County, SC and settled on the Pacolet River near Grindal Shoals.

This intermarriage connects me to the offspring of Stedia Fowler and Nannie Phillips through three ways: once from Ellis Fowler, and twice from the Cooks.

Steady Fowler and his wife Nannie had the following children:

  • Beulah Fowler 1903–
  • Burie S. Fowler 1906-1908
  • Buford Paul Fowler 1906–1975 m. Ruby Satterfield
  • Cecil Fowler 1909–
  • L.C. /Thomas Fowler 1911
  • Ruth Fowler 1913–1995
  • Gladys Fowler 1916–
  • Warren Fowler 1918–

John Grover Fowler:

John Grover Fowler married Pearl Thomas, daughter of A.J. Thomas and Nancey Jane Cox. They had no children. John Grover Fowler and wife Pearl lived in Spartanburg and Darlington, South Carolina, and eventually moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. He worked as a chain gang prison guard, and worked in textiles.

John Grover Fowler’s life took a little turn after the death of his wife Pearl in 1948. It was mentioned in The Gaffney Ledger from Gaffney, South Carolina on March 14, 1944 … Miss Margaret Clippard and Grover Fowler of Charlotte spent Sunday with the former’s sister, Mrs. L. E. Gantt, and Mr. Gantt, at their home in Gaffney...

Margaret Clippard 1909-1975 was the daughter of Scott and Josie Fronniem Clippard. The sister that she and John Grover Fowler visited was Lila Mae Clippard 1907-1980 married to Lester Eugene Gantt 1905-1975.

An interesting fact is that Lester Eugene and Lila Mae Clippard Gantt were buried at Corinth Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC where many of the Israel Fowler descendants were buried.

John Grover Fowler evidently married Margaret Clippard as she was listed as his wife on his death certificate. John Grover Fowler was buried beside his first wife Pearl Thomas at Sharon Memorial Park in Charlotte.

After John Grover’s death, Margaret married Charles Fisher.

john grover death cert

John Grover Fowler

john grover fowler

John Grover Fowler

Fred Mark Fowler:

Fred Mark Fowler married Bessie Norris and they had six daughters and one son:

  • Louise Cornelia Fowler 1921–1981 m. Furman F. Tomberlin 1922-2009
  • Sarah M Fowler 1923–2012
  • Marie Fowler 1925– m. James Muriel McCormick 1926-2000
  • Fred Mark Fowler Jr. 1929– m. Marie Georgette Legrand
  • Betty Jean Fowler 1930–2006 m. Robert Evans Goodwin
  • Phyllis Ann Fowler 1933– m. William Edward Crump, Jr.
  • Sylvia Grovene Fowler m. Larry Joel Graham

More to come…………..

GODFREY FOWLER 1773-1850, son of Henry Ellis Fowler

Henry Ellis Fowler 1746-1808 m. Catherine Puckett

  • GODFREY FOWLER 1773-1850 m. Nancy “Nannie” Kelly
    • James Fowler 1793–1858 m. Susan Gault 1800–1834
      •  Wade Fowler 1820–1881 m. Elizabeth A. Carothers 1828-
        • John Clark Fowler 1856-1911 m. Mary E. Henley 1866–1912
          • Edith Fowler 1882–1900 m. Joseph Wallace Gault 1879–1963
            • Thelma Guynelle Gault 1904–2009 m. William Asbury Spears; married John Elliott Hughes
              • Mary Elizabeth Spears
            • Marie Gault 1907–
            • Vera Ruth Gault 1909–1993
            • John Clark Gault 1912–1995
            • Roy Gault 1915–
            • James Edgar Gault 1918–1999
          • Blanche Fowler 1885–1958 m. James Lylt Patton 1875–
          • Mary Lyle Patton 1908–1991 m. Hood Crawford Worthy  1894–1978
          • Blanche Anne Worthy 1932–2013 m. Robert E. Brozina
          • James Fowler Patton 1910–1972
          • Keller Lake Fowler 1889–1969 m. Robert Henry Middleton 1875–1943
            • Kellar L Middelton 1912–
            • Robert H Middelton 1913–
            • Blanche F. Middleton 1914–1974
            • Hugh Calhoun Middleton 1916–1993
            • Vera Ruth Middleton 1926–
            • Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Middleton 1928–
          • Lewis Fowler 1890–1890
          • Marie Fowler 1891–1894
          • John Herbert Fowler 1894–1960 m.  Mollie Brown 1900–1974
            • Ferol Ruth Vinson 1921–2012
            • James H. Fowler Sr 1925–1995
            • Dorothy Grace Fowler –2016
          • Vera Fowler 1897–1900
      • Sarah Fowler
      • Francis G. Fowler 1825–1866
      • Irvin J. Fowler 1830–187
      • Frank Fowler 1831–1873
      • James W. Fowler 1832–1900
      • Baby Girl Fowler 1834–1834
      • Sarah Ann Fowler 1840–1925
      • Samuel Waddy Fowler 1843–1861
    • John Fowler 1794–1875 ???????
    • Thomas Gillman Fowler 1798–1880 m. Susannah Hames 1804-1863
      • Elizabeth Fowler 1821–1826
      • Gilman H Fowler 1822–1861
      • Gassaway Fowler 1827–1887 m. Elmira Ann Smith 1839–1911
        • Fannie Fowler 1856–1931
        • Tom Fowler 1858–
        • Leila Fowler 1861–
        • Franklin Fowler 1862–
        • Infant Twin Fowler 1863–1863
        • Pinkney (Pink) Fowler 1866–
        • Dora Fowler 1870–
        • James Steadman Fowler 1872–1952
        • George Gazzaway W Fowler 1875–1948
        • Annie Fowler 1875–1963
      • Charles Ellis Fowler 1828–1900 m. Margaret Mary White 1836–1915
        • Emma Fowler 1854–1922
        • Foster C Fowler 1856–1919 m. Nancy Jane Carter 1863–1942
          • Clayton Edwin Fowler 1884–1965
          • Elizabeth Fowler 1886–
          • Ola Carter Fowler 1888–1963
          • Viola Fowler 1889–
          • Vandine Charlie Fowler 1891–1963
          • Albert Fowler 1893–
          • Ernest Boyd Fowler 1894–1988
          • Thomas Fowler 1898–
          • Russell Franklin Fowler 1900–1987
          • Virgie Fowler 1905–
        • Anna Kansas Fowler 1858–1930 m. William Asbury Mc Whirter 1848–1917
          • Henry Oscar McWhirter 1876–1952
          • James M Mc Whirter 1877–
          • Marvin E. Mcwhirter 1878–
          • Addie B Mc Whirter 1880–
          • Benard A Mcwhirter 1889–
          • Albert Malcom McWhirter 1890–1976
          • Madge Mc Whirter 1892–1985
          • Lemond C Mc Whirter 1898–
          • Lucile Mc Whirter 1898–
        • Clara Elizabeth Fowler 1858–1900 m. John Thomas Landy Scott 1855–1908
          • Minnie Scott 1880–
          • Florence Foster 1893–1979
        • Lola M Fowler 1861–1892
        • Robert Junius Fowler 1866–1957
        • William Darby Fowler 1867–1951
        • Joseph Elliot Fowler 1869–1957
        • Coleman Carlisle Fowler 1871–1955
        • George Milligan Fowler 1873–1929
        • Susan S Fowler 1874–1940
        • Florence C Fowler 1876–1902
        • Charles C Fowler 1878–1890
      • Elijah T. Fowler 1830–1908 m.  Mary Jane Moseley 1835–1918
        • Gazzaway Josephine “Josie” Fowler 1861–1953
        • Susan Bettie Fowler 1863–1923
        • Frances Fannie Fowler 1868–
      • Martha Ann Frances Fowler 1834–1910
      • Thomas F. Fowler 1836–1892 m. Mary S. Coleman 1843–1887
        • Charles R. Fowler 1867–1926 m. Anne E Going 1874–1957
          • Conrad Durwood Fowler 1887–1892
          • Inez C Fowler 1894–1986 m. John Humpheys 1893–
            • Charles Humphries 1915–
            • Rembert C Humphries 1916–1958
            • Robert A Humphries 1919–
            • John W Humphries 1919–
            • Jeanette Humphries 1921–
            • Mary Humphries 1923–
            • James Humphries 1925–
            • Annie Lou Humphries 1927–
            • Ralph Humphries 1929–
            • Frank D Humphries 1934–
          • Olivia Madeline Fowler 1898– m. Samuel Victor Robinette  1895–1960; m. FMU Howell
            • Annieline Robinette 1918–2004 m. Sidney A Martin  1928–1972
          • Robert Cleon Fowler 1903– 1942 m. Susan Alberta Ladd 1898–1972
          • Garnell Fowler 1911–1917
        • John R Fowler 1868–1910 m. Elizabeth Wilson
        • Emma S. Fowler 1870–1909
        • Thomas W. Fowler 1873–1889
        • Sallie Fowler 1875–1889
        • Addie Fowler 1877–
        • Robert Joseph Fowler 1879–1953
        • Annie Fowler 1881–
      • Junius R Fowler 1841–1848
      • Susannah Adeline “Mamie” Fowler 1843–1901
      • Joseph K Fowler 1845–1887 m. Cornellia Puckett 1838–1913
    • Joseph Fowler 1800–1852 m. Clarissa Foster 1814–

      • Hampton O. Fowler 1823–1890
      • Joseph Fowler 1825–
      • Godfrey Butler Fowler 1837–1906 m. Louisa Jane Mitchell
      • Cansady Fowler 1838–1904 m. William G. Holmes 1829–1899

        • Margaret Ann Holmes 1867–1910 m. Roland Marcus Woody

          • Lillie Woody 1889–1913
          • William Furman Woody 1892–1966
          • Dewey Woody 1898–
          • Winnie Oline Woody Banks 1902–1987
          • Ralph Woody 1903–1909
          • R.M. Woody Jr. 1908–1909
        • Mary C.A. Holmes 1869–
        • Joseph Z. Holmes 1871–1934 m. Evelina Elizabeth Driskill

          • Estelle Holmes 1907–1967
          • Addie Holmes 1910–
          • Joseph Z Holmes Jr 1912–1969
          • Ruby M Holmes 1918–
          • William G. Holmes 1922–1981
        • Mary Adeline “Addie” Holmes Chapman 1871–1953
        • Luther Davenport Holmes 1875–1944
        • Adolphus Gaston Holmes 1876–1944
        • Benjamin F. Holmes 1877–1944
      • John Hudson Fowler 1846–1892
      • Adolphus Fowler 1852–1900 m. Mary Susan Gault 1856–
        • Anna Fowler 1879–1972 m. Richard Adams 1878–1967
          • Annie Adams 1900–
          • Elsie M Adams 1901–
          • Aiken Adams 1902–1951 m. Grace L  1904–1995
            • C Edward Adams 1921–
            • Laura E Adams 1922–2000
            • Richard Lee Adams 1928–1980
          • Jesse Adams 1904–1962 m. Lemma Jett 1901–1979
          • Mary Adams 1906–1998
          • Ada P Adams 1909–
          • Azalea Adams 1911–2002 m. Ralph E Lybrand 1906–1978
          • Evelyn Adams 1914–2002
          • Wells Adams 1918–
        • Jane Fowler 1880–
        • James Fowler 1882–1900
        • Lula Fowler 1883–1901
        • Nannie Belle Fowler 1887–1966 m. Forrest Ballanger Hopper  1887–1938
          • Lois Louise Hopper 1907–1972
          • Ruby Hopper 1912–2004
          • Georgia Hopper 1915–
          • Elbert Hopper 1917–
          • Laverne Hopper 1918–1995
        • Emma Fowler 1892–1973
        • Eddie Fowler 1894–
        • Josephine Fowler 1896–1962
        • Mary Fowler 1898–
    • Milligan Fowler 1802–1871
    • Nancy Fowler 1804–
    • Kiziah Elizabeth Fowler 1805–1836
    • Mary Fowler 1806–1893
    • William Fowler 1813–
    • Coleman Fowler 1816–1877 m. Martha R 1830–
      • Mary Elizabeth Fowler 1849–1916 m. Timothy S Haney 1844–1925
        • Minnie Fowler Haney 1868–1952 m. Daniel George1866–1933
          • Laura E McCarroll 1891–1963
          • Anna Belle George 1893–1985
          • Nellie Grace George 1895–1964
          • Virginia R “Virgie” George 1899–
          • Roy D George 1904–1960
          • Ray George 1905–
          • Minnie Mae George 1907–
          • Edward Lee George 1909–1963
        • T P Haney 1870–1871
        • Nooner A Haney 1872–1964 m. James A George 1869–1960
          • Carrel C George 1893–
          • Maggie E George 1895–1988
          • Olive R George 1899–
          • Willie Edna George 1902–1983
          • Coleman S George 1905–
          • Maudie George 1907–1983
          • William D George 1911–
        • Mattie Haney 1875–1875
        • Luella Haney 1876–1877
        • Olive Haney 1879–1880
        • James Coleman Haney 1882–1969
        • Edith Haney 1884–1946
        • Luther S Haney 1887–
        • Inez G Haney 1891–1970
      • Emily Mandival Fowler 1853–1921
      • Lewella Fowler 1855–
      • Steele C. Fowler 1858–
      • States Right Compeer Fowler 1860–1937

Godfrey had a son named John??

Were there two different sisters………Kiziah and Elizabeth or were they the same woman?

The SMITH COOK men of Union County, SC and Their Connections to the FOWLER Families

SMITH COOK (1820-1872) son of Sampson Cook and Mary Smith; married Malinda Cook (daughter of Alfred Cook and Nancy Jane Foster)

Sampson Cook and his wife Mary Smith had a legal agreement in 1823 stating that they mutually agreed to live separate.  Their son, Smith Cook, was born December 19, 1820.

Mary Smith Cook was head of household in 1840 with her son Smith Cook, and living with her son in 1850 as well.

smith cook b. 1820

1850 Union County SC Census

In 1860, Smith Cook was no longer living with his mother.  He shared a house with Edward Palmer in the Mount Tabor section of Union County.

smith cook b. 1820 1860 census

1860 Union County SC Census


Smith Cook married his much younger cousin Melinda Cook before 1870, and they had two children listed in the census record that year.

smith cook b. 1820 1870 census

1870 Union County SC Census

Smith Cook died May 11, 1872 and was buried at Flat Rock Cemetery.  His widow Melinda Cook married John Adams in 1874.

SMITH N. COOK (1841-1862) son of William Cook and Lucinda Golden; may have fathered a child with Mary Fowler, daughter of Reuben Fowler

ROBERT SMITH COOK (1856-1913) son of James Cook and Nelly; married Sallie Lipscomb

ROBERT SMITH COOK (1864-1912) son of Alfred Cook and Elizabeth Bentley; married Mary Jane Adelaide Fowler (daughter of Martha Fowler, daughter of Reuben Fowler)

ALFRED SMITH COOK (1897-1965) son of Robert Smith Cook and Mary Jane Adelaide Fowler; married Rue Emma Poore

  • Thomas Cook 1750-1820 m. Ann 1750
    • Sampson Cook m. Mary Smith 1785-after 1860
      • SMITH COOK 1820-1872 m. Malinda Cook
    • William Cook 1773-1850 m. Martha
      • William Cook Jr. 1806-1860
        • SMITH N. COOK 1841-1862
      • James Cook 1812-after 1880 m. Nelly **
        • ROBERT SMITH COOK 1856-1913 m. Sallie Lipscomb 
      • Alfred Cook 1815-1887 m. Elizabeth Bentley
        • ROBERT SMITH COOK 1864-1912 m. Mary Jane Fowler
          • ALFRED SMITH COOK 1897-1965 m. Rue Emma Poore

** speculation regarding the father of James Cook

more to come…………….