WOMACK FOWLER (1785-1849), son of Henry Ellis Fowler

It has been written that Womack Fowler was named after a Revolutionary War officer, a Colonel Wymac, who lived near Danville Virginia.  The Colonel  offered hospitality to Lieutenant Henry Ellis Fowler and the wife and children of Captain Charles Sims as they made their way from Union District in South Carolina to the safety of Virginia.  In gratitude, as the story goes, Henry Ellis Fowler named his firstborn son after his Virginia host.

I do not know where this story originated.  It is a nice story, to be sure, but I feel fairly certain that it is not entirely true.  I do not doubt that there was a Colonel Wymac in Virginia, nor do I doubt that this kind man opened his home to Henry Ellis Fowler and the Sims family.

I do know from my research that Womack was not the first son of Henry Ellis Fowler. He was, in fact, not even the second son.  I also know that it is very possible and most likely that Womack was named after  his  mother Catherine Puckett’s grandfather, Womack Puckett, son of William Puckett and Anne Womack.

It would be a nice twist of fate if Colonel Wymac  who gave shelter to Henry Ellis Fowler and his weary charges had been a relative of the Womack family from which Henry Ellis Fowler’s wife Catherine Puckett descended.

Regardless of the way Womack Fowler received his name, there are many other events in his life that are documented and proven.  This article is a journey through the life of Womack and those who came after him.  He left a legacy in his many children and their children that still lives on in his descendants who walk the earth today.

Womack Fowler was the son of Henry Ellis Fowler and Catherine Puckett.  He was born on January 3, 1785 in Virginia and died in Union County, SC on August 2, 1849.  He married Susannah Moseley, daughter of James “High Key” Moseley and Nancy Anna Jasper, on February 7, 1808.  He served in the War of 1812, and it is from his pension application of this war that we are able to discover the marriage date, death dates of both Womack and Susannah, and some of the years they were residents of Union County.


War of 1812 Pension Application

Womack Fowler and wife Susannah had two daughters in the two years following their marriage.  The family is found in the 1810 Union County Census: Womack age 16-25, one female 16-25 (Susannah), and 2 females < 10 (daughters Martha Patsy and Tempa).  The Womack Fowler family shares the census page with several other Fowler families as well as James Moseley, father of Susannah.


1810 Union County SC Census

We know from the Womack Fowler family Bible that the decade from 1810 t0 1820 brought the births of more sons and daughters to the home.  As per census records of 1820, the family now included Womack age 26-44, Susannah age 16-25, Martha Patsy female 10-15, Tempa female < 10, William male 10-15,  and Marinda Lucinda
female > 10.
There were two additional children in the household, a male >10, and a female < 10.  My theory is that the two children who had been born, and had died long before the census was taken, were counted, perhaps for sentimental reasons.  These children were Henry (1814-1816) and Melinda (1818-1819).  It is also possible, and maybe more likely, that Womack and Susannah had taken in two young children from another family.

1820 Union County SC Census

By 1830, Martha Patsy Fowler had married John Jackson Hodge and had moved out of the family home.  Tempa had also gotten married, to James Gibson, and had her own household nearby.  Womack and Susannah had added children Susannah, Rhoda, Rufus Marion, Maryan Catherine, and Felix Parham to their growing family.  Sadly, Rhoda and Maryan Catherine did not survive long enough to be counted in the next census.
The 1830 census recorded Womack age 40-49, Susannah age 30-39, William male 20-29, Marinda Lucinda female 10-14, Susannah female 10-14, Rufus Marion male 5-9, and Felix Parham male < 5.
Again, there was a child in the home, a male 15-19, that does not seem to belong in the immediate family.  He could have been the unidentified male < 5 from the 1820 census.  I will have to look more into this for an answer.

1830 Union County SC Census

 The Children of Womack and Susannah Moseley Fowler

  1. Martha Patsy Fowler 1809-1871
  2. Tempa Fowler 1810-1862
  3. William Fowler 1812-1872
  4. Henry Fowler 1814-1816
  5. Marindy Lucinda Fowler 1816-1872
  6. Melinda Fowler 1818-1819
  7. Susannah Fowler 1821-1866
  8. Rhoda Fowler 1823-1825
  9. Rufus Marion Fowler 1825-1863
  10. Maryan Catherine Fowler 1827-before 1830
  11. Felix Parham Fowler 1829-1864
  12. James Hervey Fowler 1831-1863
  13. Josephus Fincher Fowler 1833-1842
  14. Womack Matthew Fowler 1836-1861
Martha Patsy Fowler  January 7, 1809-1871  
Martha married John Jackson Hodge (1802-1882), an immigrant from Ireland, and they had 11 children.  One son died young and I could not find a name for him.
The children of Martha Patsy Fowler and John Jackson Hodge:
1.   Jane Hodge 1826-after 1870  Jane was married to Ellis Fowler (1803-before 1860), the son of Mark and Elizabeth Moseley Fowler.  This is the mystery Jane who was in the 1850 census with Ellis Fowler and their two children Martha Fowler and Mark Fowler (Mark no doubt was named after Ellis’ father Mark) Yes, Ellis was her first cousin once removed as well as her first husband.


After the probable death or possible desertion of Jane’s husband Ellis, Jane married Simeon “Sim” Fowler.  She had her two older children by Ellis Fowler, then a second batch of children with her second husband Simeon Fowler.
Simeon Fowler was the son of William Fowler and Rhoda Moseley.  I have recently found a document proving that this William Fowler was NOT the son of Godfrey Fowler and Nannie Kelly.  (which is what I did believe prior to finding this document)  I do not have solid proof of the father of this William married to Rhoda, but I have circumstantial evidence that he may have been the son of John the elder Fowler and wife Fanny.
The image below is from the ancestry.com summary of the 1860 census:
jane 1860.png


Jane was in the 1870 census with husband Simeon Fowler and some of their children. Jane died after 1870, and left  Simeon  a widower in the 1880 census.
Back for a moment to Martha and Mark, the children of Jane and Ellis………..
Martha Fowler married Felix Lee Quinn Sr 1852–1933 and had 4 sons and one daughter with him before Martha died in 1882 in Spartanburg County, SC.  Felix married another woman after the death of Martha and had at least one more child.  I did not trace his second family very far.  Martha was in the 1870 census with her mother Jane, stepfather Simeon Fowler, her siblings.  Her brother Mark was not in the household (see below).  Martha was in the household with her husband Felix Quinn
in 1880.
Mark Fowler
1.  He is in the 1850 census with his father Ellis Fowler, mother Jane, and sister Martha;
2.  He is in the 1860 census with step father Simeon Fowler, mother Jane, sister Martha, and his half siblings;
3.  He is in the 1870 census with his stepfather’s brother Samuel Fowler and his stepfather’s mother Rhoda Fowler (widow of William Fowler who is NOT the son of Godfrey).
4.  He may be the Mark Fowler in the 1880 census with MY REUBEN FOWLER’S DAUGHTER AND GRANDDAUGHTER.
1880 MARK FOWLER.png


The image is a bad copy, hence the transcription.
Quinn, Felix 28 (head of household)
Martha 32 (wife) this is Martha Fowler, daughter of Ellis Fowler and Jane Hodge
Loranza 9 (son)
Anderson 6 (son)
John 8 months (son)
Fowler, Mary 53 (head of household)  daughter of my Reuben Fowler b. 1797.  Mary never married.
Gillman 22 (son)  this is my great grandfather (son of Smith Nathaniel Cook)
John 15 (son)  the son that Mary sent away shortly after this census was taken;  he lived in Mississippi
Robin 11 (son) no idea of what happened to him
Jefferson 6 (son) no idea of what happened to him
Alice 19 (daughter) married Davidson Mitchell and had many children
Fowler, Mark 24 (head of household)  SEE NOTES BELOW
Francis 23 (wife)  daughter of unmarried Martha Fowler
Charles 1 (son)
Ben 8 months (son)
Martha 45 (mother in law) this is Reuben’s daughter, sister to my great great grandmother Mary
Adelaide 20 (sister) daughter of Martha;  her name was Mary Jane Adelaide Fowler and she married Smith Robert Cook; she would have been the sister in law to Mark Fowler.
Francis Melinda Fowler (daughter of Martha Fowler and possibly Robert Dunlap) was married to Marcus C. Bryant 1853-1937.  They had 9 children including the ones in the 1880 census recorded as Charles Fowler and Ben Fowler.  I had always assumed that the census taker made a mistake, and that the 1880 census should have been Mark BRYANT, Francis Bryant, Charles and Ben Bryant, Martha FOWLER and Adelaide Fowler.
In 1900, Marcus Bryant and Francis Fowler Bryant are recorded as having been married 22 years, a first marriage for both, and their children are listed, Charles and Ben no longer recorded as Fowlers, but as Bryants in 1900.
Now, the reason that I am now doubting that the head of household  whom I thought was Marcus Bryant  in 1880 is based mostly on the fact that Mark Fowler’s sister Martha Fowler Quinn was LIVING NEXT DOOR TO THE MARY FOWLER HOUSEHOLD, AND THE MARK FOWLER HOUSEHOLD!!!!!!!  I am leaning to believing that Mark Fowler in the household WAS really Mark Fowler, son of Ellis and Jane Hodge Fowler.
I also found Mark Fowler in the AGriculture schedule for 1880 living next to Felix (and Martha Fowler) Quinn, and Mary Fowler.  If the census taker made a mistake on the name of Marcus Bryant once in the 1880 census, what are the odds that the same mistake was made during the AG schedule?? Slim to none in my opinion.
My theory:  Francis Fowler was living with Mark Fowler, maybe married to him but probably not. Her mother Martha Fowler never married, and neither did her aunt Mary Fowler, so it was no big deal to have children with a man out-of-wedlock.  I believe that Charles and Ben started out life as Fowlers, and after Mark Fowler either died or left the household, Francis married Marcus Bryant and her children became Charles and Ben Bryant.  She and Marcus had 7 children together.  It is now an immediate goal to yDNA test descendants of Charles or Ben and compare it to the other male children of Marcus and Francis.
The death certificate listing Marcus Bryant as the father of Charles Bryant, and Francis stating in 1900 that she had one marriage (probably true since she may not have married Mark Fowler), and even stating that she had been married for 22 years in 1900 when it was more than likely 19 years………..all of that means little to me.   The evidence points to Mark Fowler being the father of the two oldest children, and then Marcus Bryant fathering the rest of the children.
Back to the children of Martha Patsy Hodge and John Jackson Hodge:
2.   Henry S. Hodge 1828–1885 married E. Caroline Reeves (1831-1895), daughter of Zachariah Reeves and Cynthia Hodge.  Henry and Caroline had 4 sons and 3 daughters.
3.   Caroline Hodge 1830–1912  Caroline married James Fowler, son of William Fowler (not the son of Godfrey) and Rhoda Moseley.
4.   Catherine Hodge 1833– married James Hays
5.   Minerva Hodge 1835– married Henry Addis
6.   William Franklin Hodge 1837–1909
7.   Gasaway Hodge 1841–1916
8.   Neland Hodge 1843–1911
9.   John Wright Hodge 1849–1916
10.  Calvin Wister Hodge 1850–1928
Tempa Fowler September 23, 1810-1862
Tempa married James Gibson.  They had 5 daughters and one son.   One of the daughters married and moved to Tenn., died rather young, and missed out on the inheritance of Womack’s estate because the family did not know how to contact her children.
William Fowler December 17, 1812- 1872 
William married Martha LNU.  They had no children.  I recently discovered William Fowler’s will in the SC State Archives, and he left his estate to his widow Martha and his illegitimate son, Morgan Reeves.
Henry Fowler December 23, 1814- April 23, 1816
Probably named after Henry Ellis Fowler, his grandfather.  I would not have known that this child existed if not for the Bible.  The Bible is probably the only recorded document proving the life of young Henry.
Marindy Lucinda Fowler November 26, 1816- September 3, 1879
Married well, John D. Long, very prominent family of attorneys and senators.
Melinda Fowler October 18, 1818- September 7, 1819
Another child unknown to me until the Bible record of her birth and death.
Susannah Fowler April 17, 1821- 1866
Susannah never married, but may have had daughters Jane and Harriet out of wedlock; these young girls were in the household with Susannah and her mother Susannah Moseley Fowler in 1850 and 1860. I am still working on who these girls belonged to.  In Womack’s final estate settlement, it was mentioned that Susannah had no lawful heirs. Womack mentioned in his will that daughter Susannah could live with her mother Susannah Moseley Fowler, and it appears that she did until her death.
Rhoda Fowler March 21, 1823-  June 22, 1825  
Another child who died young, not in any census records, or any other records that I can find.  The Bible may be the only record of her life.
Rufus Marion Fowler April 16, 1825- 1863
Rufus married his first cousin Dorothy “Dorcus” Moseley.  Dorcus was the daughter of James Moseley, Jr. and Rufus was the son of Susannah Moseley.  James Moseley and Susannah Moseley were the children of James “High Key” Moseley.   Rufus and Dorcas had two sons before Rufus got himself killed in the Civil War.  Dorcas had a daughter named Monetta but I am not sure if Rufus was the father.  Maybe not.  Dorcas was given food rations one time after the Civil War by the Freedmen’s Office, but she was not allowed to return because “she was able to work.” Also, as per the court case document, she was specifically not given a share of Womack’s estate.
Maryan Catherine Fowler May 20, 1827- before 1830
No date of death but she must have died young.  She is not listed in the 1830 census record and she was not mentioned in the will or estate settlement of Womack.
Felix Parham Fowler August 30, 1829- 1864
Felix married Edith “Edy” Fowler, daughter of William (not the son of Godfrey) and Rhoda Moseley.  Felix also died in the Civil War.  Felix and Edy had three children:
William (named after Edy’s father?),
Rhoda (named after Edy’s mother?) and
Rufus (named after Felix’s brother?).
As per the court case document,  Edy was also specifically not given a share of Womack’s estate.  I have a copy of the Freedmen’s Office Register of Rations.  Edy was given food one time and told not to come back.  Very cruel.  She had three children to feed.  Edy’s father had died before 1870, and her mother was elderly and perhaps not able to help her.  Edy died not very long after the war’s end.
A note of interest (to me)……My great grandmother was Delilah Josephine Foster. Edy’s son Rufus married her sister, Alice Foster.
James Hervey Fowler October 19, 1831- 1863
The Civil War took a big toll on Womack’s sons.  All of his sons who lived to adulthood fought in the war, and all but William died during the war.  James married Mary Cansada James, daughter of David James, son of  Shadrack James.  James Fowler and Cansada had two sons and a daughter, but I think only one son, Harrison David Fowler, lived long enough to have children.  Daughter Sarah Carter Fowler married twice, to Coleman F. Kendrick and Russell Aubrey LeeSarah had sons by both husbands.
Harrison David Fowler

Harrison David Fowler  1861-1927 grandson of Womack Fowler

Josephus Fincher Fowler October 25, 1833- 1842
No census records and not mentioned in the will or estate settlement.
Womack Matthew Fowler September 27, 1836-1861
Youngest child and last son of Womack and Susannah.  He married a Jane LNU and had two children with her before he was killed in the war.  After his death, Jane married James Morgan Floyd and had at least 6 more children.

Henry Ellis Fowler (1746-1808) m. Catherine Puckett

WOMACK FOWLER (1785-1849) m. Susannah Moseley (1792–1878)

  • MARTHA PATSY FOWLER (1809–1872) m. John Jackson Hodge (1802–1882)
    • Jane Hodge (1830–1870) m. (1) Ellis Fowler (1803–bef. 1860)  (2) Simeon Fowler (1824- )
      • Martha Fowler (1846–1882) m. Felix Lee Quinn Sr (1852–1933)
        • William Lorenzo Quinn (1873–1943)
        • Anderson D Quinn (1875–1951)
        • Giles Thomas Quinn (1878–1961)
        • John Quinn (1879–1951)
        • Ellen Quinn (1880–1962)
      • Mark Fowler (1849–after 1880) 
      • Susan Fowler (1854– )  m. James Gassaway Millwood (1859– )
        • Millage Millwood  (1872– )
        • James H. Millwood  (1877– )
      • John Fowler  (1856–  )
      • Samuel Fowler  (1860– )
      • Franklin Fowler  (1861–1913)
      • Elma Fowler  (1866–1925) m. John Hill (1854–1915)
        • Janie Hill (1884–1924)
        • Willie Tate Hill  (1886–1962)
        • Charlie Simms Hill  (1887–1958)
        • Elzie Arthur Hill  (1896–1962)
        • Clara Hill  (1898–1910)
        • Walter George Hill  (1901–1957)
        • Lizzie Hill (1902–1980)
        • Bessie Hill  (1909– )
    • Henry S. Hodge  (1828–1885) m. E. Caroline Reeves  (1831–1895)
      • James M. Hodge (1854–1899) m. Mary Elizabeth “Babe” Horn (1858–1906)
        • Martha “Mattie” Hodge (1875– )
        • Gaston Garrett “Buster” Hodge (1879–1936) m. Leila Pearl McGalliard (1883–1973)
          • Thelma Dean Hodge (1907–1999)
        • Arthur Hodge
      • Mary Hodge (1857–1870)
      • Sarah Elizabeth Hodge (1857–1913) m. John Franklin Johnson (1863–1939)
        • Lula Elizabeth Johnson Grant 1882–1961 m. Grant
        • Alsie Meaner Johnson 1891–1985 m. Doane
      • John Hodge 1859–
      • Elias Zachariah Hodge 1861–1950 m. Elizabeth E “Betty” Hodge 1861–
        • May H Hodge 1900–
      • William Thomas Hodge 1866–1927 m. Nannie E (Bessie) Owens 1874–1921
        • James William Henry Hodge Sr 1895–1959
        • Mary E Hodge 1899–
        • Susie Hodge 1902–1982
        • Rochelle L Hodge 1904–1968
        • Ethel O Hodge 1906–
        • Oliver Woodrow Hodge 1920–1968
      • Susan Caroline “Susie” Hodge 1871–1952 m. Darby Horn 1869–1937
        • Henry Hoyt Horn 1893–1969
        • Harris Horn 1894–
        • Virgie Horn 1897–1985
        • Darby Albert Horn 1899
        • Marrie Horn 1901-
        • Boyce Horn 1904–
        • Cathalene Horn 1906–
        • Brother Horn 1909–
        • Clifford Horne 1909–
        • Grover Horne 1911–
    • Caroline Hodge 1830–1912 m. James Fowler 1832–
      • Desdamona Fowler 1854–1887 m. John A. Mize 1853–1912
        • Charles Frederick Mize Sr. 1873–
        • Nettie Mize 1876–1911
        • John Mize 1877–
        • Monroe Mimms Mize 1883–1945
        • Albert Horace Mize 1885–
        • Virginia James (May) Mize 1885–1955
        • Mattie Mize 1887–1962
      • William E. Fowler 1856–
      • James Monroe Fowler 1858–1931
      • Kansaby Fowler 1860–
      • Cynthia J Fowler 1869–
    • Catherine Hodge1833– m. James Hays
    • Minerva Hodge1835– m. Henry Addis
    • William Franklin Hodge1837–1909
    • Gasaway Hodge 1841-1916
    • Neland Hodge 1843-1911
    • John Wright Hodge 1849-1916
    • Calvin Wister Hodge1850–1928
  • TEMPA FOWLER 1810– 1862 m. James Gibson 1810-
    • Melinda Gibson1827–1855 m. William Burgess 1824–
      • James Burgess 1846–
      • Nancy Burgess 1847–
      • Sarah Burgess 1848–
      • Caroline Burgess 1850–
      • Perry Burgess 1851–
      • Rufus Burgess 1852–
    • Elizabeth Gibson1831–
    • Lucinda Gibson1834–
    • Hulda Gibson1840–
    • Stark Sims Gibson1841–1909 m. Margaret McDowell 1856–1934
      • Annie Gibson 1891–1954 m. James Edgar Douglass Jr  1891–1956
        • Anne Sims Douglass 1922–1977 m. Wesley John Melvin 1918–1976
        • Margaret Jeanette Douglass 1923–1924
        • Dorothy Douglass 1924–2009 m. William Ruff Traylor 1924–1970
        • James Edgar Douglass III 1926–1973
        • Carl Macie Douglass 1929–
        • David McDowell Douglass 1930–1978
        • Jimmie M Douglas 1935–
    • Adaline M. Gibson1844– m.Damon P. Mosely 1838–
      • William E. Mosely 1871–
      • Daniel David Mosley 1874–1924 m. Sarah Catherine Killian 1888–1936
        • Damon Edney Mosley 1904–1974
        • Mamie Etta Mosley 1905–1975
        • Addie Elizabeth Mosley 1908–1997
        • Brady Lee Mosley 1910–1990
        • Willie Coy Mosley Sr 1912–1964
        • Myrtle Leona Mosley 1914–1963
        • Ethel Ruth Mosley 1917–1985
        • James Floyd Mosley 1920–1993
        • Ruby Lucille Mosley 1922–1986
      • Martha L. Mosely 1876–
      • Minnie Mosely 1878–
      • Starkey Mosley 1880–1941 m. Ola Mae Hart 1899–1984
        • Lula Mae Mosley 1920–1997
        • Willie Pressley Mosley 1922–2009
        • Marion Roscoe Mosley 1924–2012
        • Floyd Mosley 1927–1928
        • Edna Lucille Mosley 1929–1978
        • Johnnie Richard Mosley 1932–1953
      • WILLIAM FOWLER1812–1872 m. Martha
      • HENRY FOWLER 1814–1816
      • MARINDA LUCINDA FOWLER 1816–1879 m. John D. Long 1811–1897
        • Mary Polly Long 1839–
        • Susanna “Sookie” Long 1840–1914
        • John Fincher Long 1843–1921 m. Nancy LeMaster 1843–1879
          • Addie Long 1870–
          • Willie Long 1873–
          • Alfred Aldridge Long 1876–1939
          • Edward Richard Long 1877–1952
          • Sallie L. Long 1879–
        • Pattie Martha Long 1846–1933
          • James Gideon Long 1847–1921 m. Susan Lourena Gwinn 1849–1939
            • James Gideon Long Jr. 1875–1965 m. Caroline Naomi Bobo 1879–1962
              • John Davis Long 1901–1967
              • Mary L. Long 1905–
              • Gideon M. Long 1907–
              • James G. Long 1909–
            • Abell Gwin Long 1877–1893
            • J A Long 1880–
            • Bessie Long 1883–
            • Louisa Long 1889–
        • Joseph Long 1850–
        • Calhoun Calvin Long 1855–
        • Grant Long 1857–1932
        • Richard Walker Long 1858–1923
      • MELINDA FOWLER 1818–1819
      • SUSANNAH FOWLER 1821–
      • RHODA FOWLER 1823–1825
      • RUFUS MARION FOWLER 1825–1864 m. Dorothy “Dorcus” Moseley 1828–1900
        • Joseph Fowler 1856–1928 m. Isabella Fowler 1872–1938 (d. of william Earle and Taylor Harris Fowler)
          • Eva Fowler 1891–1966 m. Holcombe
          • Clara B Fowler 1899–1909
          • Susan Esther Fowler 1902–1982 m. James Rufus Allen 1902
            • France Allen 1925–
            • Gracie Mae Allen 1928–
          • Louise L Fowler 1907–1982
          • Charles Brady Fowler 1909–1976 m. Annie L 1912
            • Hazel Fowler 1928–
        • Eison Fowler 1859–
      • MARYAN CATHERINE FOWLER  1827–before 1830
      • FELIX PARHAM FOWLER 1829– m. Edith “Edy” Fowler 1841– (d. of William & Rhoda Moseley Fowler)
        • Rhoda Fowler 1856–
        • William Fowler 1859–
        • Rufus Fowler 1861– m. Alice G. Foster 1856–1931
          • Herbert Fowler 1881–1951 m. Annie Dessie Horn 1892–
            • Jennings Rufus Fowler 1903–1967
            • Ruth Fowler 1911–
            • Pauline Fowler 1913–
            • Herbert Blease Fowler 1915–1988
            • Daisy Belle Fowler  1917–1968
            • Eugene Fowler 1920–1997
            • Hoyt Earl Fowler 1927–1993
          • Lula Fowler 1883–1902 m. P. Vaughn
          • Marnie Fowler 1885–
      • JAMES HERVEY FOWLER 1832–1862 m. Mary Cansada James 1833–
        • John Fowler 1859–
        • Harrison David Fowler 1860–1927 m. Nancy James 1866–1943
          • Mary Dessie Fowler 1892–
          • James David Fowler 1893–1971 m. Amanda Jones
            • Harrison David “Sonny” Fowler 1924–2015 m. Hazel Mae Cookson
              • Tommy Fowler
          • Lular Fowler 1895–
          • Durvin F Fowler 1896–1961 m. Evie  1904–
            • Lena Mae Fowler 1924–
            • Fay Fowler 1926–
            • Lucile Fowler 1928–
            • James A Fowler 1930–
            • Grady Cole Fowler 1932–
            • Peggy Fowler 1934–
          • Leila Fowler 1897–
          • Sally M Fowler 1897–
          • Janie Fowler 1899–
          • Bertha (Aunt Bert) Fowler 1899–1992 m. William Jones 1897
            • Nettie Ruth Jones 1920–
            • Mary Edith Jones 1923–
            • Dorris Jones 1924–
            • William H Jones 1928–
            • Johnnie Jones 1930–
            • Ethel Jones 1932–
            • Betty Jones 1934–
            • Leila Jones 1935–
          • Annie Fowler 1901–
          • Nanny Fowler 1902–1932
          • Belle Fowler 1903–1970
          • Malcolm H Fowler 1906–1986 m. Bessie Marie Arnold 1901–1974
            • Emma Mae Fowler 1928–2011
            • James M. “Bogan” Fowler 1930–
            • Mileage Ray Fowler 1934–1963
          • Carrie Fowler 1908–
          • Bennilverl Fowler 1915–
        • Sarah Carter Fowler 1863– 1940 m. Coleman F. Kendrick 1858–1883; m. Russell Aubry Lee 1874-1949
          • Malcolm Arthur Kendrick 1887–1963
          • John Randolph Lee 1896-1966
          • James Russell Lee 1899-1982
      • WOMACK MATTHEW FOWLER 1836–1862 m.  Jane 1839–
        • James Madison Fowler 1858– after 1870
        • Lula Fowler 1861–1877

More to come soon………..






































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