LAVINA FOWLER 1803-1877, Daughter of John Fowler “The Elder”

I also give and bequeath unto my three daughters Salley, Suky, and Vina one bed and furniture each.” Last Will and Testament of John Fowler, dated 18 February 1817.

Three daughters. Salley. Suky. Vina. Who were they? What path did they follow? Did they survive childhood, get married, have children of their own? Were they happy?

Salley was often a nickname for Sarah. Suky was sometimes short for Susannah. Vina could be Lavina or Lavinia.

Ten years. I searched for these three daughters of John Fowler and Fannie for ten years. I only knew of their existence from the one line in which they were mentioned in their father’s will.

No birth, marriage, or death records existed in South Carolina during the lifetimes of these three daughters. I had little to help me with my research.

Then fate intervened; a very fortunate message from a Fowler descendant led to a meeting and the discovery of a valuable hint.

There was a LAVINA Fowler who had been born in Union County, SC in the early 1800s who had married Augustus Wiggins.

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